Down River

The sequel begins as a mulatto slave named Chambers, who had been raised as a white man is transported down river to be auctioned off

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The Insect Gazette

Beatrice Beatle is editor and CEO of the Insect Gazette. A newspaper for, by, and about insects and others creatures. Her staff consists of a

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Besides Pasta

This is a story of an immigrant family’s struggle survive the Great Depression. My mother at age sixteen came to America in the wave of

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Fifteen Going on Thirty

In the 1950s, they didn’t talk much about domestic violence, infidelity or alcoholism. Fifteen-year-old Mathew Sweeney has no guidelines to help him navigate, as he

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Sin No More

Historical Context“As Haiti headed down the perilous path toward elections in 1987, violence erupted from the Ton tons Macoute and from the Army, both of

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Fly Away to Zion

FLY AWAY TO ZION, Peter Rizzolo’s fourth novel, will be launched at The Chapel Hill Chamber of Commerce on September 10, 2017 The protagonist, Steven

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Judging Laura

Peter Rizzolo’s third novel, JUDGING LAURA was launched at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill, NC July 7, 2016 “…She held onto the edge of the

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About the Author

Peter Rizzolo and his wife Alyce were blessed with six children. He practiced family medicine in Flemington, N.J., before moving to Chapel Hill, N.C., where he joined the faculty of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. After retiring as professor of family medicine, he earned a masters Degree English at North Carolina State University. There he pursued his interest in literature and creative writing. He enjoys designing and building furniture, loves books, movies and live theater. He follows national politics closely, plays tennis well, golf poorly, and in his spare time does a little baking.

Author Statement

“After earning an MD degree at Creighton University School of Medicine, and completing a medical internship, my wife Alyce, and our first-born child Geri, joined the Navy. I served as a Submarine Medical Officer. After a two-year stint in the Navy, I added a second year of post-graduate training at the Hunterdon Medical Center in Flemington, NJ.

As a solo practitioner in general medicine in Flemington, I cared for pregnant women, their babies, young children, adults, their parents and grandparents. It was a dream come true. The practice grew rapidly and within four years the Flemington Medical Group consisted of four family physicians.

The Hunterdon Medical Center, became one of the earliest sites for training young doctors in the newly created specialty of Family Medicine. It was an exciting time for general practitioners I was offered the position of director of the program. It gave me the opportunity to combine my love of patient care with my commitment to teaching young doctors both the science and art of medicine.

After several years as Director of Medical Education at Hunterdon, I joined the faculty at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. I participated in the training of medical students and Family Practice residents. For several years I directed the residency training program in the Department of Family Medicine.

My interest in organ transplantation, the theme of my novel, *Forbidden Harvest*, goes back a long time. My best childhood friend died at age 14 of renal failure, just a few years before the first successful human-to-human kidney transplant. As a practicing physician, I have seen organ transplantation go from innovative experimentation to essential life-saving therapy. In the USA more than 20,000 transplant surgeries are performed annually. But the demand for organs exceeds the supply. Fifty percent of the children who are in need of a donor organ succumb to their illness while waiting for a donor. The novel highlights the need for more donors and the moral and ethical issues involved in organ procurement and transplantation.”

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