Fly Away to Zion

FLY AWAY TO ZION, Peter Rizzolo’s fourth novel, will be launched at The Chapel Hill Chamber of Commerce on September 10, 2017

The protagonist, Steven Johnson, is a young man whose deceased father was a family doctor in a small town in Kansas. He idolized his dad, who told him that medicine was not about his relationship with other doctors although that’s what years of training entailed. It was about him and the people he cared for. And if that wasn’t why he wanted to be a doctor he had better choose a different way to earn a living.

Steven does choose medicine for all the right reasons, but a series of incidents early on in his internship leads him to doubt his ability to survive in a highly competitive teaching hospital.

He struggles to cope with hospital intrigues, a complicated love life and his widowed mother’s failing mental health.

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